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Tales from 25
Industry-Leading Women Entrepreneurs
Including Heather Stokes


I was asked to be part of this amazing book project by She Rises Studios Community -


Title of the book: Becoming an Unstoppable Woman Entrepreneur edition.

This book is the second book in a 6 book series.  The  book is set to launch at the end of January 2022.

In my chapter, titled "Faith, Focus and Financial Growth," I talk about my journey ,to entrepreneurship, the highs and lows, and how I found a balance between running a growing business, being a hands-on mother and wife to a husband with extreme medical issues.


There might be a few surprises in there for some of you...

Keep your eyes peeled as I will be updating you on pre-orders and launch date.

Incredibly proud to be part of this movement to empower women and give them a voice.

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Paperback and eBook Version are available now! Hardback coming soon. 


My mission is to reach other women and business owners that are struggling to build their dreams and help them realize that with intention and action they can be limitless.

My Story

I am a wife, mother, homeschooler, and business owner. I am a giver, a motivator, a developer and I do not accept the answer "no". I only see it as a challenge. My road to success has changed many times. Life has derailed my journey and I have built a new path each time.


I went to college for Forensic Psychology and worked for multiple government agencies over the next eight years. When I met my husband he was a flight attendant and owned a limousine business. We lived a lavish life. 9/11 was our first major setback, three years later he suffered a major injury and then pancreatic cancer at 40. I could have given up, but with three girls t depending on us that was not an option. I had to learn how to be creative with money.

Now it is my mission to help others to go from surviving to thriving!


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